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Uranian Born Under Nova Conditions

December 5th, 2012

And now, a word for the Royal-watchers and armchair obstetricians out there: @ 05:02 pm

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News of a pregnancy is automatically the cue for interminable gossip, speculation, and unsolicited advice; when you're the Duchess of Cambridge in the age of Twitter, the globe is your Old Wife Pool(1).

I'd like to take the opportunity to address one old saw that I keep hearing relentlessly repeated in the media coverage: no matter how hard you folks may be longing for a little princess to squee over, GUT-WRENCHING PROJECTILE MORNING SICKNESS IS NO GUARANTEE OF A FEMALE CHILD.

(Disclaimer: I am neither a certified Old Wife nor a mother--but I know one whom I'm pretty sure I can cite with absolute confidence.)

(1) Particularly when your father-in-law happens to be an alternative health-care buff who no doubt has the cream of Britain's Old Wives on call.

November 24th, 2012

Dear Roaring Tiger: @ 03:30 pm

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You are not getting this for Christmas.

October 31st, 2012

Pfeffermuse, I suspect you've had one hell of a birthday. @ 05:02 pm

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It may be a while before you're in a position to check this out, but I thought I'd share a beautifully executed fanvid for "Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo, set to footage from Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride fro a Danny Elfman trifecta; this is one that I like to cite as a demonstration of how timing and the precise marriage of lyrics to imagery can make a video.


October 30th, 2012

New York shout-out. @ 05:54 pm

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dungeonwriter, it's good to hear that you and yours are alive and accounted for; that said, I'm not even going to pretend that I can understand how you must be feeling right now; I wish I were in a position to offer you hot minestrone and tuck you in.

dochermes, good to know that you made it through all right (and I hope Lajka hasn't taken it into her fluffy little head to go surfing down Wall Street or any such foolishness.)

dferguson, you were around at least as of midnight or so, when you posted a link to your SKY CAPTAIN review over at Doc's; weigh in and let me know how you're doing.

pfeffermuse? I know that your LJ activity these days seems to be limited to an occasional fanficrants post, but let me know how you (and your household) are doing when you get a chance. (I've been given to understand that an increasing number of shelters are taking in pets, but there can't be many places prepared to accommodate horses.)

September 5th, 2012

I've got a little list. @ 07:56 pm

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Cut for indulgence of my penchant for long-winded list-making.Collapse )

July 24th, 2012

Quote of the Day @ 07:26 pm

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An affirmation for kosaginolegion, dungeonwriter, dferguson, and anyone else out there who aspires to Make Stuff Up for fun and profit:

Maybe instead of saying, "you're not a fraud" to each other, we should say, "Yes you are! A con artist extraordinaire! In fact, you are pulling off the steal of the century by creating this completely made up THING and showing that it has value in an incredibly convincing way! You are making a Made Up Thing, Fantasy Whatever, In Your Head, Into Something That Will Look Like People Living Their Lives In A Room! or On Top of a Mountain! or in a desert or outer space or under the sea! If you keep at it, it will make people have weird dreams and maybe even make them choose specific real-life actions! They may even trade hard-earned dollars as a result of it, and as we all know, nothing makes anything more real than money! Go forth, young shyster, you liar, cheat and bullshit artist, and manufacture mass delusions!"

(Courtesy of ms_violet, by way of metaquotes.)

July 6th, 2012

A birthday basket of assorted Netgleanings... @ 08:47 pm

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...for that peerless purveyor of pop-cultural potpourri, dochermes!

One commenter's mention of the Reverend Horton Heat in a recent post of yours wound up leading me to this medley of one of the all-time great cartoon theme songs with..a rather sillier one that the Reverend's psychobilly hoedown treatment manages to turn oddly cool.

As long as I'm on the subject of Saturday morning cartoons, I may as well toss in the infamous Alpha Team remix of the Speed Racer theme song.

Here's an excerpt from the pioneering silent animated film Prince Ahmed by Lotte Reiniger; I caught this on my local cable network's Classic Arts Showcase feed.

The Southern White-Faced Owl demonstrates the peculiar abilities that have earned it the nickname "Transformer Owl."

This gem from Set Phasers To LOL brought a number of people immediately to mind; you're one of them.

Japanese comedian/pro wrestler Korikki is the guest for Rasmussen Family Karaoke Night.

May 20th, 2012


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JAM Project is a Japanese supergroup teaming the likes of Kageyama Hironobu, Endoh Masaaki, and Okui Masami--think of it as J-Rock's equivalent of the Avengers: an elite task force of the poets laureate of HOT-BLOODED ANIME HEROISM!!!

YouTuber PuppetChaos puts the proposition that JAM Project can make anything awesome to the test: here's the 1976 educational short, "Congruent Triangles" by Bruce Cornwell, set to "The Guardian" (the second Shin Mazinger opening theme):



February 8th, 2012

Happy birthday (and happy trails)... @ 08:09 pm

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...to dferguson--biographer to Dillon, grandmaster of the grindhouse, and Writer of the Purple Prose!


January 26th, 2012

Happy birthday, with love and knishes... @ 07:12 pm

...to dungeonwriter!

(I'll add a link to my virtual birthday gift once you let me know whether my choice is appropriate.)

ETA: Presenting: "Batman: Death Wish" by Matthew Hiscox and Jennifer Zhang--I thought of you the instant I saw it.


Uranian Born Under Nova Conditions